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Grandpa’s Terrarium 

Grandpa’s Terrarium¬†

Always in the mood for sushi.

This happened.

This happened.

Leather and Lace Battle Shawl by Jasmine Lace

Please vote for my submission and share my loves!!

Leather and Lace Battle Shawl
A shawl of epic proportions - this elk hide was cut to shape and is embellished with lace, studs, tulle, and fabric. Hand-cut, hand-sewn, hand-studded. This piece features a frontal closure with three buttons. Design variations: removable hood with can tab buttons or fox fur trim. 98% gifted, thrifted, or found materials.

Stay tuned for voting on Talenthouse.

Angry, Young and Poor: Our Look at the World of Traveler Kids

Good article. ¬†But… I wouldn’t exactly call the Subhumans crust punk.

Forest Fruit Baskets

paint splatter

paint splatter